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Orange is a talking point. It’s a colour that polarises and yet encourages us to come together and belongs at the heart of your home.

You might immediately think of bright, gaudy shades but orange paint is versatile. It’s darker terra cotta and peach tones have broad appeal and can add something different to a room without being overpowering.

Fleecy Dreams X61R133A
Shrimp Shell X61R133B
Peach Rose X61R133C
Gumdrop X61R133D
Fiery Sky X61R133E
Sandy Peppers X61R133F
Sheer Apricot X62R134A
Salmon Splash X62R134B
Smoked Lox X62R134C
Tomato Rose X62R134D
Hot Shot X62R134E
Storybook Sundown X62R134F
Neon Cloud X63R135A
Apricot Macaron X63R135B
Sweet Orange X63R135C
Swan Beak X63R135D
Vitamin C X63R135E
Fire Within X63R135F
Tangerine Silk X64R136A
Melon Slice X64R136B
Peach Parfait X64R136C
Tribal Accent X64R136D
Mimi's Kimono X64R136E
Halloween Wedding X64R136F
Light and Fluffy R137A
Luminous Orange R137B
Sunset Bellini R137C
Pure Joy R137D
Darling Clementine R137E
High Visibility R137F
Morning Sun R138A
Tangerine Bliss R138B
Orange Marmalade R138C
Monarch Butterfly R138D
Fresh Squeezed R138E
Papaya Playa R138F
Moscato Sweet R121A
Nostalgia Blush R121B
Pink Panache R121C
Rosy Pashmina R121D
Carnelian Charm R121E
Meet Me in Morocco R121F
Quince Blossom R122A
Luminous Coral R122B
Retro Peach R122C
Rouge Tomato R122D
Mi Casa R122E
Spice Girl R122F
Orange Whip X50R123A
Peach Syrup X50R123B
Coral Bloom X50R123C
Nectarine Spice X50R123D
Ripe Peach X50R123E
Dried Saffron X50R123F
Innocent Peach X51R124A
Mellow Mango X51R124B
Lush Peach X51R124C
Melon Punch X51R124D
Pumpkin Glaze X51R124E
Polo Pony X51R124F
Heirloom Apricot R125A
Party Favour R125B
Sunset in Provence R125C
Autumn Meadow R125D
Adobe Dusk R125E
Warm Cinnamon R125F
Sunlit X65R126A
Pumpkin Chiffon X65R126B
Clementine Cr?me X65R126C
Sweet Potato Surprise X65R126D
Candied Carrots X65R126E
Tigress X65R126F
Nectar X66R127A
All Aglow X66R127B
Mango Salsa X66R127C
Citrus Sensation X66R127D
Tropical Sunset X66R127E
Chasing Butterflies X66R127F
Dollface R109A
Pretty in Peach R109B
Venetian Plaster R109C
Copper Patina R109D
Chorizo R109E
Red Maple R109F
Faded in Time X49R110A
Beachy Peach X49R110B
Sunbaked Brick X49R110C
Coral Curry X49R110D
Paprika Sprinkle X49R110E
Cello X49R110F
Vintage Peach R111A
Word of Mouth R111B
Copper Pearl R111C
Spicy Clove R111D
Apricot Mocha R111E
Foxtail R111F
Coral Wisp X52R112A
Pinky Orange X52R112B
Faded Henna X52R112C
Pinch of Clove X52R112D
Sienna Sky X52R112E
Tagine X52R112F
Apricot Froth X53R113A
Bronze Blush X53R113B
Tawny Daylily X53R113C
Spiced Rum X53R113D
Caramelized Peach X53R113E
Tortoiseshell Specs X53R113F
Morning Blossom X54R114A
Copper Cloud X54R114B
Nice Tan X54R114C
Honey Bronze X54R114D
Bronze Storm X54R114E
Caramel Kisses X54R114F
Apricot Blush R97A
Rosy Peach R97B
Terra Cotta Blush R97C
Burnished Apricot R97D
Tuscan Rooftops R97E
Mince Tarts R97F
Rose Water R98A
Camisole R98B
Toasted Beige R98C
Sandstone Cliff R98D
Copper Kettle R98E
Pain Au Chocolat R98F
Bare Necessity R99A
Pretty Rascal R99B
Tropicalia R99C
Belfry Brick R99D
Freckle Face R99E
Chocolate Bonbon R99F
Pink Beach R100A
Renaissance Fresco R100B
Adobe Village R100C
Faded Redwood R100D
Riding Boots R100E
Village Pub R100F
Cousin Claire X41R101A
Peasant Bread X41R101B
P?t? X41R101C
Toffee Coffee X41R101D
Antique Armoire X41R101E
Aged Cognac X41R101F
Seashell R102A
Cinnamon Foam R102B
Maple Tan R102C
Cinnamon Scone R102D
Gingerbread Brick R102E
Ch?teau Mantle R102F
Beige Blush X42R103A
Nutmeg Dust X42R103B
Cinnamon Mocha X42R103C
Cabin Glow X42R103D
Warm Nutmeg X42R103E
Autumn Bark X42R103F

Tawny Daylily X53R113C

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