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Grey paint is classic, sleek and refined. It carries authority but can be softened with the right furnishings.

Its timeless shades give you the flexibility to transform a room by just swapping a few accessories. Find your grey paint from our wide range of pre-selected shades or we can mix a unique one for you.

Moon Shadow R2A
Apollo R2B
Ganymede R2C
Grey Matter R12D
Feather Quill R2D
Nature Walk R2E
Grey Morn R206F
Rocky Mountain Mist R205E
Summer Grey R206E
Warm Shale R206D
Elephant in the Room R206C
Empirical Grey R206B
Modern Grey R205F
Rocky Shelter R216E
Stone Age R205D
Callisto R216D
Sleepy Kitten R205C
Battlefield R205B
Morning Song R207F
Quiet Interlude R207E
Howl at the Moon R207D
Pewter Medallion R207C
Silver Tarnish R207B
Weathervane R216B
Wispy Skies X99R208F
Bottlefly Wings X99R208E
Weathered Cottage X99R208D
Battlement Grey X99R208C
Winged Victory R216C
Carriage Wheel X99R208B
Harp Strings R216F
Morning Haze X98R215F
Singin' the Blues X100R209E
Heavy Mist X100R209D
Rapier Steel X100R209C
Bottlenose Dolphin X100R209B
Cool Vapour R277F
Silver Thistle Down R288F
Shrouded Lace R288E
Silver Bonnet R288D
Still Life in Grey R288C
Portland Twilight R288B
Pond Frost X97R214F
Shallow Skies X97R214E
Hinkypunk X98R215E
Made in the Shade X98R215D
Toy Soldier X98R215C
Grey Shingle X98R215B
Bottle Glass R282F
Three Wishes R277E
Rock Solid R277D
Home and Hearth X97R214D
Endless Shadows X97R214C
Gotham City X97R214B
Cool Sea Air R282E
Scarborough Fair R282D
Platinum Sage R282C
The North Wind Blows R277C
Mountain Ridge R282B
Moonlight Dance R277B
Pan's Flute R287F
Surf Pelican R287E
Glass Houses R287D
Aegean Ruins R287C
Tarnished Shilling R287B
Campground X144R283B
White Pistachio X144R283F
Rocky Cliff X144R283E
Grey-Green Linen X144R283D
Dusky Parakeet X144R283C
World's Away R286C
Secret Mission R286B
Barest Hush R286F
Swiss Livery R286E
Fortune's Mist R286D
Warm Cement R84C
Battle Drab R84D
Ancient Labyrinth R84E
New York City Winter R74A
Putty White R84A
Feathers of a Dove R84B
Sculpting Clay R74C
Tabby Cat Grey R74D
Chain Link R74E
Goose Feathers R73A
Clay Figurine R73B
Moon Shot R74B
Graceful Grey R73C
Dry Stone R73D
Traveler's Pack R73E
White Cliffs X37R75A
Basket of Bobbins X37R75B
Anchors Aweigh X37R75C
Luxe Grey X37R75D
Set in Stone X37R75E
Vintage Boots R11E

World's Away R286C

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